Product Instructions

Find your Rukket Sports product assembly instructions below:
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Baseball / Softball

5x5 Baseball/Softball Net (BASX200, BASX600, BASX700)

9x9 Baseball/Softball Net (BASX500, BASX600)

7x7 Sock it! Baseball/Softball Net (BASX100, BASX400, BASX800, BASX900)

Rukket Rebounder Pro (RBND400, RBND500)

Baseball/Softball Ball Bucket Holder (CADY200)

Baseball/Softball Swing Trainer (MAT100, MAT200)

Baseball/Softball Batting Tee Pro (TEE100, TEE200)

Rukket Batting Tee (TEE300)

Ball Caddy (CADY100)

Rukket Rebounder (RBND300)

Softball Sock Net (SOFX100)

7x7 Modular Sock It! Baseball / Softball Net (BASXL100)

Replacement Rubber Cone for Batting Tee (TEE400)



Chip It! Target Fold Up  (RUKK102)

Chip It! Target Fold Up (RUKK102)

Range Marker (RANG100)

Haack Golf Net (HACK100, HACK200, HACK400)

RukkNet Golf Net (RUKK100)

SPDR Golf Net (SPDR100)

Pop-Up Golf Chipping Net - Blue (SKEE400)

Pop-Up Golf Chipping Net - Green (SKEE600)

Pop-Up Golf Chipping Net - Yellow (SKEE500)

Red Head Golf Swing Trainer (TMPO300, TMPO400)

Whaack-a-Haack Chipping Game-Golf Pattern (CHIP100)

Whaack-a-Haack Chipping Game-USA Pattern (CHIP200)

Whaack-a-Haack Chipping Game-Blue Pattern (CHIP300)

Whaack-a-Haack Chipping Game-Blue Pattern (CHIP400)

Whaack-a-Haack Chipping Game-Blue Pattern (CHIP500)

Haack Golf Chipper XL (HKLG100)

Haack Golf Chipper (SKEE100, SKEE200, SKEE300)

Haack Net Pro (HACK500)

Haack Net Pro with Turf (HACK600)

Haack Net Pro Replacement Net (HACK700)

10x6 Haack Jr. Portable Golf Net (HACKJR100)

Rukket Light Up Chipping Target (GCHIP100)

7x7 Golf Net (HACKL100)

2-In-1 PuttIng Green (PUTT100)


Grasshopper 6x4 Soccer Goal (GRASOC300)

Half Moon Soccer Goal (GRASOC600)

Rukket 6x4 Soccer Goal (SOCR100)

Rukket 8x6 Soccer Goal (SOCR200)

Grasshopper 8x6 Soccer Goal (GRASOC800)


Rip It! 6x6 Portable Lacrosse Goal (LAX200)

Rip It! 4x4 Portable Lacrosse Goal (LAX100)

Barrier Net (BARR100)

4x7 Lacrosse Rebounder (RBND100)

16x10 Barrier Net (BARR300)

Lacrosse Barrier Net (BARR400)

Lacrosse Wall (RBND600)


Basketball Return Net (HOOP100)

6x10 Air Defense Adjustable Return Net (HOOP200)

LED Basketball Net (GNET100)

Over the Door LED Basketball Hoop (GHOOP100)

Court Creator (BSTNCL100)


Tennis Rebounder (RBND700)

Hunting Blinds

Hunting Blind Pro (BLND100)

Hunting Blind Pro with Tripod Stool (BLND200)

Hunting Blind Pro with Hunting Screen and Tripod Stool (BLND300)

Hub Style Hunting Blind (BLND400)


Glow NaNa Lounger-USA (GLOW100)

Glow NaNa Lounger-Blue Camo (GLOW200)

Glow NaNa Lounger-Deep Space (GLOW300)

Glow NaNa Lounger-Galaxy (GLOW400)

Glow NaNa Mini Lounger-Deep Space (GLOWM100)

Glow NaNa Mini Lounger-Galaxy (GLOWM200)

Game Day

Portable Patio (TABL100)

Light Up Bungalow (TENT100)

Sam's Glow Runner Dodgeball Game (GBAL400)

Multi Sport

Protection Side Net (WING100)

Barrier Net Connector (BARR200)


Find your Rukket Sports product assembly VIDEO instructions below:
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Golf (Video Instructions)

SPDR Golf Net

Rukknet Golf Net (Setup)

Rukknet Golf Net (Folding)

New Rukknet Golf Net (Folding)

Rukknet Troubleshooting

Monster Cage

Haack Golf Net

Haack Golf Net (Break Down)

Range Marker

Haack Net Pro

Baseball/Softball (Video Instructions)

5x5 Baseball/Softball Net

7x7 Sock It! Baseball/Softball Net

Pitchback Rebounder

Lacrosse (Video Instructions)

Rip It! Lacrosse Goal

Soccer (Video Instructions)

Opening El Diablo

Folding El Diablo

Mini Grasshopper Setup/Folding