About us

Our Story

Rukket Sports is a leading innovator in the world of Sports Equipment and E-Commerce. Founded in 2012 with personal savings, we have quickly grown into one of the most recognizable brands in the baseball, golf, lacrosse, soccer, and fitness world. Headquartered in a historic farmhouse just outside Greenville, Delaware our open concept office allows for true collaboration and the fostering of ingenious ideas. Our goal has always been to bring the most durable, portable, and reliable products to the sporting world, while also focusing on innovation and cutting-edge materials. This focus has increased our growth exponentially and drives us every day to bring the best products to athletes, coaches, families, and everyone else in-between.
We believe that if we are going to bring the best products to our customers we have to be personally invested in the supply chain from start to finish. We work with the best designers, make our own molds, purchase the raw materials, and oversee every step of the manufacturing process to bring paramount products to you. Rukket is the only sports company with an insulated supply chain and we are testing and improving on this process every day. We have been family owned and operated since our inception and will always strive to bring the best products to your doorstep.

The Rukket Team:

Ryan Dickerson:

Co-Founder and Lead Designer


Jana Skrabalkova:

Managing Director


Samuel Hyland:

Managing Member


Malcolm Provost:   

Director of China Operations



Matt Dusik:

Director Of Strategic Accounts


Lamar Charles:

Director of Marketing


Jon Gilmartin:

Director of Communications


Chris Saturno:

Operations Manager


Heather Nunery:

Lead Graphic Designer



Emma Berger:

Graphic Designer Intern


James Kocher

Sales and Distribution Specialist

Belén Garcia Dusik

Latin American Sales

Janine Klosiewicz

Director of Logistics


Mavis Zhao:

Office Manager



Kitty Deng:

QC Manager


Rita Liu:

Sourcing Manager




Sales Manager


Rachel Zhang

Accountant / Analyst

Robin He

Quality Control Specialist