Baseball Hitting Tips from Antonelli Baseball

Baseball Spring Training is here and the Team at Rukket Sports could not be more excited. We know our Rukket Sports Community is right there with us so we wanted to highlight some of our baseball partner athletes who’ve made fantastic instructional videos to take your game to the next level.

Antonelli Baseball was founded in 2009 by Matt Antonelli, 1st round pick and former MLB Player and Division 1 college coach, to provide the absolute best coaching available to both baseball and softball players around the country. He’s established the premier site for all players, coaches, parents, and fans of the game of baseball. Rukket Sports could not be happier to be partnered with Matt; Check out his videos below!

Video 1: Which Stance is Best?

In this video Matt talks about the three main stances that a hitter can take in Baseball when at the plate. He explains that even though some coaches want their players to stand a certain way, you can make a closed, open, or even stance work for you with some tips to keep in mind.

Video 2: Extension in the Swing

This next video shows the importance of getting the beginning of your swing moving in the right direction and how sometimes the word “extension” can be used to adversely affect a young players swing.


Video 3: How to Hit the Low Pitch

This video explains how to hit the low pitch and how staying over the ball is paramount. Players sometimes use their arms to reach for low pitches and Matt shows how that can negatively affect your swing. He shows how you don’t need to change your swing much to hit balls around the strike zone.

Thanks for the great videos, Matt!

Check out Antonelli Baseball on YouTube